Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend we moved some more stuff to the new apartment. We also did a little exploring of the new digs and the new town. Saturday my parents helped move a few of our bigger items and then we went out to eat. After my parents left, the kids and I walked to a park on the Mississippi River. I'm hoping that's a walk we'll be taking a lot. It's a nice park on a bike path. It has a big playground, basketball court, baseball field and some spots where the kids can throw rocks into the water. That night we all slept really good. I was only planning on spending one night at the apartment but the kids wanted to do it again Sunday night. During the day Sunday the boys went swimming in the pool at the apartment. Again we slept on the floor but with all the walks and swimming we probably could have slept just about anywhere.

I'm encouraged and feeling much better about the move. Of course it is a day to day thing with the kids and it will be hard but they are getting excited now so that helps.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moving on soon....

I think we may have a deal on the house finally. The second mortgage is a bit of a sticking point but hopefully we'll work that out. Either way in just under a month the kids and I will be moving to an apartment about 30 miles away. We've already started the process of selling stuff we don't need and getting rid of stuff we can't sell. This weekend we are having a garage sell and I am dreading it but at least it will all be over and settled soon. Then we can focus on moving on........

One sad part is our guinea pig isn't allowed in the new apartment. The dog is but not Ms. Cinnamon. I have found someone to take her and will be giving her away this weekend I think. The kids are definitely not thrilled with this but they are taking it better than I thought. At least she will be going to a family with a couple kids and they are excited to be getting her.