Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Really, the Title is the Hardest Part....

The last few days of been pretty nice. It is definitely nice to get beyond the hectic schedule of the holidays and get settled. We got all the Christmas stuff put up this weekend and watched some playoff football. Today at work we had a health screening which between that and watching Biggest Loser last night got me to thinking maybe it's time to work on my weight again. So maybe I will blog about both.....happy stuff and weight loss stuff......

For now though, some happy things:
- Other than my weight all my other numbers were good at the health screening
- Seahawks won their playoff game and are still in it for one more week.....woot!!!
- The boys are actually getting along and working together on Skylanders
- I started playing Word With Friends with a co-worker and he makes me giggle sometimes...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Maybe every other day....lol

Alright maybe thinking I could blog every day was a little overly optimistic on my part but hey I tried.....kinda. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a nice easy day at work then my daughter made me a nice dinner. I thought I would do my blogging today before the Vikings game starts just in case it goes bad and I get cranky....lol.

Okay so some things that made me smile:
- post on facebook about differnce between Minnesota at different temperatures than other places. A couple I really liked were at -10 girl scouts are out selling cookies and at -50 schools have a 2 hour late start
- Pizza lunch at work with some chatting and chilling with the co-workers
- Chelsea made dinner and helped clean up the kitchen
- Chelsea and Tyler playing with Siri on his new I-Phone.....too funny
- Listening to the picks on KFAN

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coming up with a title is hard.....

I am on a roll.....two days in a row....woot!!

Today is a little trickier because I had a dentist appointment and had to get a root canal. At one point I was thinking it wasn't as bad as all the horror stories you hear but they weren't done yet. By the time it was over I was crying like a baby......keep in mind though that I have a VERY low tolerance for pain. Just call me woosy.....lol

That being said I still was able to smile today on several occasions so here goes with the things that made me happy today:
- Waking up from my nap and realizing it was just a dream that my youngest had gotten his ear, cheek, lip and eyebrow pierced.
- Getting a birthday gift from where I work of cheese and caramel popcorn
- Watching Madea Witness Protection
- Playing with Chester, our crazy Boston Terrier

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013....

Okay here we go again. A few weeks ago I saw somebody post on Facebook their New Year's idea and it got me to thinking. The idea was that they are going to have a happy jar and when something good happens they will write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. That way at the end of the year they can pull the papers out and have an easy way to remember all the good things. Now usually I'm pretty good at finding the bright side and seeing the glass half full but I do tend to struggle with remembering the good stuff in the past. So I thought maybe I should try blogging again and focus on the little things that happen every day that make me smile. Of course, being me, I couldn't actually start on the 1st because that would mean doing something on a schedule so my daily blog will be at least one day short for 2013......

Things that made me happy today:
Eating dinner at Pizza Ranch....yummy...and enjoying talking to the boys about their day
Joking around with co-workers and getting one of them to open the break room door for me.....twice...lol

I will cheat a little and also include yesterday going to the movie with my daughter made for a great New Year's Day. We went and saw Parental Guidance with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. The movie had some definite laugh out loud moments and spending time with my daughter is always fun.

Friday, April 30, 2010

My Survivor Opinion....

Last night I watched Survivor and now there getting down there with only eight people left so it's easier to know who everybody is and have a real strong opinion about the different players so here's my take:

Russell: I really don't like this one. It's amazing watching him play the game and see how big headed he is but gosh I wish they would get it together and vote him off....(they won't, rumor is he makes final 3)
Parvati: I don't dislike her as much but her alliance with Russel annoys me. She is playing him like a fine tuned instrument right now though and you have to give her kudos for being able to read people and not suffer the paranoi everyone else does. (Another final 3?)
Sandra: Her I like. She is smart and switching to the other side almost worked last night....(Final 3 and I hope she wins)
Constance???: Blonde heroes chick that switched to villians and ruined it all last night.....gah. Go home already!!
Rupert: Poor guy is on the wrong side of the numbers I think and just can't seem to convince anybody when he knows what's going on.....
Colby: Blah!! I loved him the first time he was on the show but this time not so much.
Jerri: Getting lucky in the villians alliance but her days are numbered. I still like her for flip-flopping on Rob.
Danielle: Liar.....she is such a drama queen about the clue to the hidden immunity thing. Of course if I was Amanda I would have followed her constantly when going back to camp and told everyone she had the clue.

Sometimes I wonder if people who are on the show don't watch it later and realize what an idiot they were....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not much going on.....Chad had soccer last night and is still loving it. He cracks me up though. He can run around that soccer field, flying here and there, with no problem but at school when they did the mile run he claimed he couldn't run that much because he has trouble breathing. Sometimes with him I think it's more a matter of how much he likes something. The only question though is it trying to get out of something he uses his asthma or is it a matter of liking something so much he plays down his asthma??? I used to think he was making it up until we went to the doctor once and he did some breathing exercises with Chad that showed he really was having trouble. I think tonight we may pull that stuff out again and check......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rubik Revenge vs Me.........the winner is

The Rubiks Revenge (4x4x4) has been defeated!!! Okay I was mildly obsessed with solving the thing and have worked on it off and on for the last couple of weeks and last night I finally won.....yeah!! I did use the computer to help some but for the most part you can learn different moves but you have to figure out what they are doing to your cube and then apply them. There is no step by step solution really. Of course since I messed with that last night I did not go for a walk so tonight while Chad is at soccer I need to go walking. Unless I come home early from work and go walking then......hmmmm