Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coming up with a title is hard.....

I am on a roll.....two days in a row....woot!!

Today is a little trickier because I had a dentist appointment and had to get a root canal. At one point I was thinking it wasn't as bad as all the horror stories you hear but they weren't done yet. By the time it was over I was crying like a baby......keep in mind though that I have a VERY low tolerance for pain. Just call me

That being said I still was able to smile today on several occasions so here goes with the things that made me happy today:
- Waking up from my nap and realizing it was just a dream that my youngest had gotten his ear, cheek, lip and eyebrow pierced.
- Getting a birthday gift from where I work of cheese and caramel popcorn
- Watching Madea Witness Protection
- Playing with Chester, our crazy Boston Terrier

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