Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Really, the Title is the Hardest Part....

The last few days of been pretty nice. It is definitely nice to get beyond the hectic schedule of the holidays and get settled. We got all the Christmas stuff put up this weekend and watched some playoff football. Today at work we had a health screening which between that and watching Biggest Loser last night got me to thinking maybe it's time to work on my weight again. So maybe I will blog about both.....happy stuff and weight loss stuff......

For now though, some happy things:
- Other than my weight all my other numbers were good at the health screening
- Seahawks won their playoff game and are still in it for one more week.....woot!!!
- The boys are actually getting along and working together on Skylanders
- I started playing Word With Friends with a co-worker and he makes me giggle sometimes...

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