Saturday, January 5, 2013

Maybe every other

Alright maybe thinking I could blog every day was a little overly optimistic on my part but hey I tried.....kinda. Yesterday was my birthday and I had a nice easy day at work then my daughter made me a nice dinner. I thought I would do my blogging today before the Vikings game starts just in case it goes bad and I get

Okay so some things that made me smile:
- post on facebook about differnce between Minnesota at different temperatures than other places. A couple I really liked were at -10 girl scouts are out selling cookies and at -50 schools have a 2 hour late start
- Pizza lunch at work with some chatting and chilling with the co-workers
- Chelsea made dinner and helped clean up the kitchen
- Chelsea and Tyler playing with Siri on his new I-Phone.....too funny
- Listening to the picks on KFAN

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