Friday, April 30, 2010

My Survivor Opinion....

Last night I watched Survivor and now there getting down there with only eight people left so it's easier to know who everybody is and have a real strong opinion about the different players so here's my take:

Russell: I really don't like this one. It's amazing watching him play the game and see how big headed he is but gosh I wish they would get it together and vote him off....(they won't, rumor is he makes final 3)
Parvati: I don't dislike her as much but her alliance with Russel annoys me. She is playing him like a fine tuned instrument right now though and you have to give her kudos for being able to read people and not suffer the paranoi everyone else does. (Another final 3?)
Sandra: Her I like. She is smart and switching to the other side almost worked last night....(Final 3 and I hope she wins)
Constance???: Blonde heroes chick that switched to villians and ruined it all last night.....gah. Go home already!!
Rupert: Poor guy is on the wrong side of the numbers I think and just can't seem to convince anybody when he knows what's going on.....
Colby: Blah!! I loved him the first time he was on the show but this time not so much.
Jerri: Getting lucky in the villians alliance but her days are numbered. I still like her for flip-flopping on Rob.
Danielle: Liar.....she is such a drama queen about the clue to the hidden immunity thing. Of course if I was Amanda I would have followed her constantly when going back to camp and told everyone she had the clue.

Sometimes I wonder if people who are on the show don't watch it later and realize what an idiot they were....

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